Visitors to Canada Emergency Hospital/Medical Insurance

Do you know health care cost in Canada is very expensive?

Hospital in Canada can charge thousands of dollars per day. Many of them charge a service fee to person not covered under a Provincial Health Care program. Without insurance, you and your family could be responsible for these high cost, which can create a severe financial burden.

New immigrants - Do you know that you have to wait three months before you can receive a provincial health plan?

Some hospitals won't even admit patients without proper health insurance.

Would you want a safe, worry-free and enjoyable stay?

Sickness or Accidental injury can happen any time. When a medical emergency happens, the emergency assistance personnel of the insurance company will assist you in locating the nearest medical facility; contact your family; monitoring to ensure proper care and/or to get you home.

        Our company provides the most comprehensive and affordable Visitor Insurance Plans
                                                                    to meet your special needs.