International Student Emergency Hospital/Medical Insurance

Do you know health care cost in Canada is very expensive?

Hospital in Canada can charge thousands of dollars per day. Many of them charge a service fee to person not covered under a Provincial Health Care program. Without insurance, you and your family could be responsible for these high costs, which can create a severe financial burden. Some hospitals won't even admit patients without proper health insurance.

Don't wait for something to happen.

Sickness or Accidental injury can happen any time. Don't take your health for granted. Get peace of mind. Get International Student Hospital/Medical coverage. Every time you travel outside of your home country, you may be leaving the benefits and coverage of your home health plan behind.

In fact, 'Citizenship and Immigration Canada' recommends

that all international students studying in Canada purchase health coverage when they arrive in the country as foreign students may not be eligible for provincial health care plan.

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