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JF continues to cover COVID-19

Most insurance companies do not cover COVID-19 since March 2020. However, We are pleased to confirm that, our JES (JF Elite International Student Plan)  and JFR (JF Royal Visitor to Canada) still covers this provided that the student meets the pre-existing condition requirement at effective date, ie, any pre-existing medical condition must be stable in the 90 days prior to effective date of the JES Product. For JFR it will be 120 days.

Below are definitions of “Pre-existing condition” and “Stable” :

Pre-Existing Medical Condition(s) means any medical condition, sickness or injury for which at any time prior to the effective date, you have experienced symptoms, you have received medical care, advice, investigation or medical treatment, you have been hospitalized, you have been prescribed (including prescribed as needed) or have taken medication, or you have undergone a medical surgical procedure.

Stable means the medical condition is not worsening and there has been no alteration* in any medication for the medical condition or its usage or dosage, nor any medical treatment prescribed or recommended by a physician or received.

*Alteration includes a new medication, stopped medication, increase or decrease in medication, but does NOT include changes between brand-name and generic versions of drugs with the same active ingredient and dosage, or routine adjustments of maintenance medications such as insulin or asthma medication.


Also, we are excited to announce our new customer portal This website allows insureds to check their policy card, submit a claim and check their claim status without downloading an app. They can log in to this website from any device and from any internet browser. Please click here to learn about how to claim.


Our premium remains$1.60 per day. However, we encourage schools to purchase 4-month non-refundable policies for their students due to possible delays in processing MSP, and will reduce a considerable amount of administrative work and costs in case of cancellations, extensions, refunds etc.