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Applicant must be:

  • At least 15 days old at the time of application
  • A holder of Canadian work visa or student visa; or
  • A Canadian or landed immigrant not covered by a government health insurance plan in Canada
  • A visitor to Canada


  • Choice of policy maximum based on your needs :From $10,000 up to $300,000 CAD
  • No deductible : for age 85 or younger
  • Maximum period of coverage: 365 days
  • Minimum premium: $25 CAD per policy
  • Family rate available
    The oldest family member’s daily rate x 2

  • Worldwide travel coverage
    Provided the majority (51%) of your period of coverage is spent in Canada except the country of origin

  • Pre-existing condition 
    Automatically covers the Stable Chronic Condition 
    If stable in the 120 days prior to the effective date of policy

  • Waiting period
    For policy purchased prior to your arrival in Canada: waived 

    For policy purchased within 30 days after your arrival in Canada: For age 85 or younger 48 hours from the effective date of the policy for Emergency Sickness
  • Refund
    Full refund is available:
    When the request for refund is received prior to the effective date of the policy 

    Partial refund is available:
    If you return to your country of permanent residence 
    'No claim statement' and 'Proof of Return' (ex. airline ticket) are required 
    Requests for refunds must be made in writing within 90 days of your policy expiry date 
    Cancellation fee of $40 will be applied to each policy 

    No refund will be issued:
    If a claim has been or will be submitted 
    If the amount of premium to be reimbursed is less than $10 per policy


  • Hospital Expenses: reasonable and customary cost for in and out patient treatment
  • Physician Fees
  • Diagnostic Services: reasonable and customary cost for X-rays and laboratory test
  • Ground Ambulance
  • Prescription drugs: Limited to a 30-day supply per prescription
  • Medical Appliances
    Casts, splints, trusses, braces, crutches, rental of wheelchair or other minor medical appliances
  • Paramedical Practitioner
    Chiropodist, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or podiatrist up to $500 CAD per type of practitioner with a 180-day policy
  • Acupuncture: up to $500 CAD with a 365-day policy, only for an Emergency treatment
  • Treatment of Dental Accidents:  up to $3,000 CAD
  • Dental Emergency: up to $500 CAD
  • Air Flight Accident: up to the sum insured
  • Repatriation: when approved in advance by assistance company
  • Return of deceased: up to $10,000 CAD
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Including Flight Accident): Up to the sum insured or a maximum $150,000 per person for loss of life, limb or sight of an insured person as a result of an injury sustained during the period of coverage


  • In the event of hospitalization, you must contact Ontime Care Worldwide Inc.  within 48 hours of admission. Failure to make such notification will limit the total amount payable to 80% of all eligible expenses incurred
  • The claims representatives are here to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • E-Claim Procedure

    1. Download from APP Store, Search for OTC Mobile

    2. If you already have OCT Mobile App installed, Enter your policy number & Date of Birth to login

    3. After login, press "Submit a Claim" Then go next step

    4. Fill in your personal information into the Claim form, then click NEXT

    5. Complete all sections and click "I Agree", Ensure this form is signed, and then Click "SIGNATURE"

    6. Sign your name into the signature box, click “I approve” and press NEXT

    7. Upload your medical reports invoices and by taking pictures, then click “Finish”

    8. You will receive a Claim number after all procedure

    Keep all original invoices and medical reports until you receive reimbursement.

    In Canada & USA: 1-866-209-5804
    Outside Canada and USA : collect call 905-707-9555
  • Or email to
  • Send all pertinent documents to: 
    Ontime Care Worldwide Inc.
  • #502, 15 Wertheim Court
    Richmond Hill, Ontario 
    L4B 3H7

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