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Applicant must be:

1) be not more than 59 years old as of the policy effective date; and

2) be a parent of a student residing in the same city in Canada as the student; and
3) not be insured under a provincial or territorial government healthcare plan, and 
4) not be travelling against the advice of a physician and not have been diagnosed with a terminal condition; and
5) be in good health at the time you purchase your policy and on the date you exit your country of origin, and know of no reason to seek medical consultation during the coverage period.


Maximum liability: $5,000,000 CAD 

Maximum period of coverage: 365 days 

Emergency Medical coverage while in Canada,  or Emergency treatment outside Canada provided at least 51% of period  is spent in Canada (excludes expenses incurred in Home country visits)


1. Hospital Accommodation:
a) Reasonable and customary costs up to the semi-private room rate or coronary care or intensive care unit where medically necessary. In the event that you are hospitalized at the time that coverage terminates benefits will continue until discharge, to a maximum of one year. In no case will expenses for in-patient stays be covered for a period greater than 365 days per insured person.
b) Treatments on an outpatient basis in a hospital.

2. Physician Charges: Medical treatment by a physician, surgeon, anaesthetist or registered graduate nurse (other than an immediate family member).

3. Diagnostic Services: Laboratory tests and X-rays prescribed by the attending physician due to an emergency.
Note: This policy does not cover magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cardiac catheterization, computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans, sonograms, ultrasounds or biopsies unless such services are approved in advance by Ontime Care.

4. Private Duty Nursing: Up to $15,000 for the professional services of a registered private nurse (other than by an immediate family member) as the result of a covered emergency, when medically necessary while hospitalized, when ordered by the attending physician and approved in advance by Ontime Care.

5. Emergency Transportation:
a) Ground Transportation: When medically necessary, licensed ground ambulance service (also covers taxi fare in lieu of ground ambulance) to the nearest hospital.
b) Air Transportation: When approved and arranged by Ontime Care, up to $1,000,000 for medically necessary air transportation to the nearest hospital or to return you to your country of origin for medical treatment.

6. Prescription Drugs: Up to $10,000, limited to a 30-day supply per prescription, unless you are hospitalized, drugs, for serums and injectables that can only be obtained upon medical prescription, that are prescribed by a physician and that are supplied by a licensed pharmacist when required as a result of an emergency. This benefit does not cover drugs, serums and injectables necessary for the continued stabilization of a chronic medical condition, except in case of emergency.
Note: To file a claim, you must provide original receipts issued by the pharmacist, physician or hospital, indicating the total cost, prescription number, name of medication, quantity, date and name of the prescribing physician.

7. Medical Appliances: When prescribed by a physician and approved in advance by Ontime Care, minor appliances such as casts, splints, canes, slings, trusses, braces, crutches and/or rental of a wheelchair.

8. Paramedical Services: When prescribed by a physician treatment provided by a licenced chiropodist, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or podiatrist up to a maximum of $600, provided a minimum of 183 days of coverage has been purchased.

9. Acupuncture Treatment: When a 365 days JF Elite Plus Parent Insurance policy is purchased, up to a maximum of $600 for acupuncture treatments. Treatments must be performed by a Canadian licensed acupuncturist. This benefit does not cover herbal medicines or other products that do not have a DIN number.

10. Treatment of Dental Accident: Emergency dental treatment to repair or replace sound natural teeth (capped or crowned teeth are considered natural teeth) as the result of an accidental injury that requires treatment within 30 days of the date of the accident by a legally qualified dentist or oral surgeon not to exceed $5,000 per accident.

11. Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Up to $150 per tooth for the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth when medically necessary and performed in a dentist’s or oral surgeon’s office.

12. Emergency Relief of Dental Pain: Emergency treatment for the relief of acute pain to natural teeth, excluding fillings and repairs to dentures or other dental devices, to a maximum of $600 during the coverage period. Treatment must be initiated within 48 hours from the time the emergency began and completed no later than 90 days after treatment has begun.

13. Transportation to Bedside: When approved in advance by Ontime Care up to a maximum of $5,000 for transportation costs for one person of your choice to:
a) be with you if you are hospitalized as the result of a covered emergency and the attending physician provides written certification that the situation was serious enough to warrant the visit; or
b) identify the deceased insured person prior to the release of the body, where necessary.

14. Follow-up Visits: When approved in advance by Ontime Care, up to $3,000 for non-emergency care, provided it is directly related to your emergency.

1. Psychiatric/Psychological Therapy: If, as the result of a covered emergency, you require psychiatric or psychological therapy within 2 years of the emergency the actual costs for:
a) visits to a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker on an outpatient basis for the relief of acute symptoms, up to a maximum of $1,000 per insured person; or
b) hospitalization of the insured person due to psychological, mental or emotional disorders, up to a lifetime maximum of $25,000.
This benefit includes the cost of the initial visit to a physician.

2. Repatriation: When approved in advance and arranged by Ontime Care:
a) up to the cost of a one-way economy airfare to return you to your country of origin; or
b) the fare for additional airline seats to accommodate a stretcher or medical attendant, to return you to your country of origin.

3. Preparation and Return of Remains: In the event of death, up to a maximum of $15,000 towards the actual cost incurred for preparation of remains and homeward transportation of the deceased insured person to his/her country or origin; or up to a maximum of $5,000 for cremation and/or burial at the place of death of the insured person when approved by Ontime Care. The cost of the casket or urn is not covered by this benefit.

4. Vehicle Return: When approved and arranged in advance by Ontime Care up to $1,000 for the cost of returning your vehicle to your residence in Canada or to a commercial rental agency in the event that you are unable to return a vehicle to its point of origin due to a covered emergency.

5. Maternity: Up to $10,000 for pre-natal care and involuntary termination or resulting complications related to the pregnancy provided the pregnancy commenced during the coverage period.

6. Physical Examination: Up to $150 for one annual medical examination by a physician in any consecutive 12-month period provided a minimum of 365 days of consecutive coverage has been purchased.

7. Eye Examination: Up to $100 for one eye examination by a licenced optometrist or ophthalmologist in any consecutive 12-month period provided a minimum of 365 days of consecutive coverage has been purchased.

8. Eyeglass/Contact Lens/Hearing Aid: Up to $200 to repair or replace eyeglasses, contact lenses or hearing aids damaged as the result of a covered accident.

9. Tuberculosis Testing and Vaccination: Up to $100 for tuberculosis testing and vaccination in any consecutive 12-month period provided a minimum of 180 days of consecutive coverage has been purchased. Coverage for tuberculosis testing is not payable if testing is mandated by the school board or school as a requirement for program enrollment.

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