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JF Canadian Travel Insurance


  • Be a Canadian Resident
  • Be at least 15 days of age and less than 84 years of age
  • Be insured for benefits under a Canadian government health insurance plan during the entire policy period
  • Purchase coverage for the entire duration of your trip


Emergency Hospital and Medical Coverage Up to $10,000,000

No Medical Questionnaire required if insured is:
         - Under 60 years of age
         - Between 60-74 years of age and travelling up to 60 days

All Inclusive Plan

          - Emergency Medical
          - Trip Cancellation & Interruption
          - Accidental Death & Dismemberment
          - Flight Accident
          - Baggage Coverage

Trip Cancellation & Interruption
          - Prior to Departure: up to sum insured
          - After Departure: unlimited

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Up to $100.000

Emergency Travel Assistance

Ontime Care answers your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
From Canada and the U.S., call TOLL FREE 1-888-988-3268 From anywhere call COLLECT 1-905-707-9555
Emergency Call Center

No matter where you are, professional assistance personnel are ready to take your call. Please consult your insurance card for emergency numbers.
Ontime Care will answer any questions you have about the eligibility of your claim, our standard verification procedures and the way that your policy benefits are administered. 

Ontime Care will also:
1.Help you locate the most appropriate medical facility for you;
2.Arrange for admission to a hospital if necessary;
3.Provide details of your coverage to you and to the medical providers who are treating you;
4.Connect you to an interpreter;
5.Whenever possible, instruct the hospital or clinic to bill Ontime Care directly.

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